Hi Stahis

You brought up the point of personal identity.

When someone goes to sleep they lose consciousness (I am assuming so
anyway - perhaps during deep sleep rather than REM). OK, so some
people say that because they wake up again there is always a branch
where they wake up.  But suppose somebody goes into a deep coma, then
at the time they lose consciousness then that consciousness may find a
consistent extension in another branch but what about the vegetative
"person" left behind.  Are they to be considered as vegetable rather
than person? I wondered whether this was a cul se sac situation but
then re-considered as below.

If there are gradations of consciousness which can decay then at any
time or level of our consciousness, as the universe splits then
consistent extensions will always exist to carry whatever level of
consciousnes we have through into another branch.  This would keep on
until there was no consciousness left in some branch. I know that what
is actually going on during sleep is probably very uncertain but based
on this gradational assumption would you agree with my conclusions?

Best wishes

Nick Prince

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