Thank you Jack for your response.

>That one that is killed doesn't feel anything after he is killed.  The one 
>that lives experiences whatever he would have experienced anyway.  There is NO 
>TRANSFER of consciousness.  Killing a guy (assuming he is not an evil guy or 
>in great pain) and not creating a new guy to replace him is always a net loss.

It seems that at the root of things you are arguing that if you have
one person up until time t and can make  a so called identical copy at
that time (or another), then whether the original is killed or not, if
the new copy is instantiated then it would "feel" and therefore think
itself to be the person it was (because of memories) but that would be
illusion(Bit like the droids in blade runner).  Conversely the person
who is to get copied should be worried because once killed he does not
experience the future (as the copy).

Forgetting about MWI for now and just thinking about why I feel some
continuity in my subjective experience.  I feel that it must have
something to do with the fact that me at time t+dt is an (almost)
identical copy to the me at time t.  If I deny this then I could
accept there was no TRANSFER of consciousness between copies.  Yet my
experience makes me feel that there is?

Best wishes

Nick Prince

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