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> I think those simulated persons would be conscious.
> The possibility of superintelligence that creates worlds in its dreams
> kinda freaks me out :)

Carl Sagan in Cosmos said that in the Hindu religion, there are an infinite
number of Gods, each dreaming their own universe:

> So you think the software mind in a software environment would never
>> question the redness of red, when the robot brain would?
>> No, I think that good enough simulation of me must question the redness of
> the red simply by definition  - because I'm questioning and it simulates my
> behavior.
> Nevertheless, I think that this simulation won't be conscious and has only
> descriptive power, like a reflection in the mirror (bad example but confers
> the idea). But I can't tell what exactly is the difference, what is that
> obscure physicalist principle that I meant speaking about "symbol grounding
> in the real world" and that makes me (and not my simulation) conscious.
> ok, suppose we'll record a day in the life of my simulation and then replay
> it - will it still be conscious?

I don't think your recording will be conscious.  It lacks the causal
relations that give meaning to its symbols.  I believe the symbols are
grounded and related to each other through their interactions in the
processing by the CPU/Turing machine/physical laws.

Do you think the redness of red is a physical property of red light or an
internal property of you (the organization of neurons in your brain)?


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