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> The problem with both groups is that both have a tendency to forget
> that both Science and Religion are constructs

They are not. Religion is a construct, science is a method.
Category mistake.

Human religion is a construct of humans.
Human science is a construct of humans.

Machine religion is a construct of machines.
Machine science is a construct of machines.

Science concerns the communicable part of the common truth.
Religion concerns the non communicable part of the common truth.

Both are driven by truth, and both are perverted by any one (or many) pretending to *know* it.

We are all divine *hypotheses*, and nobody can know the last word of <what's his name?>.

Concerning the ideal case of the self-referentially correct machine, in the Gödel sense of self-reference, science obeys, at the propositional level, to the modal logic G, and religion to the modal logic G*, as described in Solovay 1976 paper, and exploited in my publications and texts. The proper part of correct machine theology is described by G* minus G, and can be roughly sketched by truth (in the sense of Tarski) minus provability (in the sense of Gödel).

Most of the sentences in this post are of the type G* minus G, and should NOT be communicated, unless the assumption of mechanism is made explicit. So, most of this belong to the type true *about* any correct universal machine, but non provable *by* any correct universal machine.

I can provide technical details on the everything-list if you are interested. Or you can read my Plotinus paper, easily accessible from my url. It shows how the 'physical reality' fits in the number/ computer science theoretical panorama.

Religion can be perverted, and in our theorizing we should distinguish religion from any of perverted religions. Basically science and religion allows infinite set of comments and revisions, and perverted sciences and perverted religions disallows comments and revisions.

Bruno Marchal


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