Hi Bruno,

        Tegmark's argument completely ignores the roles that structure can
provide, among other things. His paper has been the modern equivalent to the
infamous papers back in the 20th century that proved that heavier than air
flight was impossible. People like him are a net negative contribution to
the evolution of our understanding of our universe.



PS, Life is a pattern that emerges from biochemistry plus, not equal to

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I have to find time to look at this in more detail, but I am already rather
impressed. Please correct me.



If life is a biochemical process, it is a quantum process or "computation",
of course. But if those papers are correct, genuine interference processed
are used by proteins selected for that task.

I don't think this can invalidate Tegmark's argument that the brain is
mainly a classical machine, but I know that in biology, we can always be
surprised, and it may be a tiny step toward such invalidation. This may lead
to lowering down our mechanist substitution level.

It open the prospect to build quantum devices by genetical engineering.

Bruno Marchal


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