Charles wrote:
On Feb 23, 7:57 pm, Brent Meeker <> wrote:
Retro causation solves the EPR problem (i.e. provides a local
explanation of the correlations without hidden variables).  See Vic
Stenger's book "Timeless Quantum" in which he uses this kind of
explanation to good effect.  The problem is that some things, like the
radiation arrow of time and inverse beta decay seem hard to fit in.

Price has done extensive work on the radiation arrow, but I haven't
read it for a while and can't recall offhand what conclusions he

Is inverse beta decay an example of T-symmetry breaking, like neutral
kaon decay (IIRC) ? If so, it won't fit into his scheme!


No, it's an anti-neutrino and an electron colliding with a proton to produce a neutron (the inverse of beta decay). But an electron approaching a proton interacts via the EM field and a photon will be emitted - yet, in the beta decay no photon need be absorbed. I think it's an example of the radiation arrow of time making a time-reversed process impossible - or maybe just vanishingly improbable. Bruce Kellet has written a paper about these problems, see pp 35.


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