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> Such a theory would also have to explain why we are not able to use things 
> like the delayed choice quantum eraser to actually send information backwards 
> in time--for example, we can't look at the screen behind a double-slit and 
> determine whether the which-path information for the particles that hit the 
> screen will in the future be erased or preserved (see the last two paragraphs 
> of the section 'The experiment' 
> athttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delayed_choice_quantum_eraser#The_experi...for 
> a summary of why this doesn't work).

Further to my earlier comment about this, I would like to add that
this experiment appears to illustrate the time-symmetry principle.
That is to say, whatever is ultimately done in a quantum system will
effect its past behaviour, so long as the intervening quantum states
have been preserved.


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