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> Is it coherent to say a black box "accidentally" reproduces the I/O?  It is
> over some relatively small number to of I/Os, but over a large enough number
> and range to sustain human behavior - that seems very doubtful.  One would
> be tempted to say the black box was obeying a "natural law".  It would be
> the same as the problem of induction.  How do we know natural laws are
> consistent - because we define them to be so.

Jack considers the case where the black box is empty and the remaining
neurological tissue just happens to continue responding as if it were
receiving normal input. That, of course, would be extremely unlikely
to happen, to the point where it could be called magic if it did
happen. But if there were such a magical black box, it would
contribute to consciousness.

Stathis Papaioannou

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