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    > In an uploaded state you could spend all day eating from an
    unlimited buffet
    > of any food you could think of (and more) and get neither full
    nor fat.  In
    > the end it is just firings of your neurons (artificial or
    otherwise) and if
    > uploaded, that would be all there is to you, there would be no
    > and no additional resources would be sacrificed to provide the
    experience of
    > eating that food.

    Potentially an interesting question, though, is would it still mean
    anything, if there were no consequences?

I think there are still consequences of your actions, I don't imagine uploading would be an entirely solitary experience, you would still interact with others and create new relationships. There would be few external consequences seen from outside the computer, but I don't think that diminishes the goings on within. Much like someone could point to a dreaming person and say it doesn't matter if he is having a nice dream or a terrible nightmare, I think it still matters (to person who is dreaming).


I think, according to Bruno, this is where we already are - being generated digitally by the UD. :-)


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