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> In an uploaded state you could spend all day eating from an unlimited buffet > of any food you could think of (and more) and get neither full nor fat. In > the end it is just firings of your neurons (artificial or otherwise) and if > uploaded, that would be all there is to you, there would be no metabolism, > and no additional resources would be sacrificed to provide the experience of
> eating that food.

Potentially an interesting question, though, is would it still mean
anything, if there were no consequences?

I think there are still consequences of your actions, I don't imagine uploading would be an entirely solitary experience, you would still interact with others and create new relationships. There would be few external consequences seen from outside the computer, but I don't think that diminishes the goings on within. Much like someone could point to a dreaming person and say it doesn't matter if he is having a nice dream or a terrible nightmare, I think it still matters (to person who is dreaming).


I think, according to Bruno, this is where we already are - being generated digitally by the UD. :-)

Yes, and from UDA + last conversation, it seems you are willing to think it follows from mechanism, unless you think that consciousness here and now might depend on inactive pieces of physical stuff there and later, and you have to believe also that a movie of a brain activity is conscious in real time (despite there is no computations done at all, and "real time" makes no sense (cf MGA3)), or to believe that all consciousness supervenes on nothing at all, etc.

To be sure none of us (first person) is ever generated by the UD, only our infinitely many third person computational states are generated, most of them relatively equivalent (locally), but different (globally, they appear at different UD-time steps). The first person view is relatively indeterminate on all those third person states/histories, and that is why eventually we have to justify the physical laws by that indeterminacy. UDA is really a reduction of the mind body problem to a pure mathematical body problem. AUDA provides a beginning of answer, and Quantum Mechanics provides an embryo of confirmation. Only future will refute it, or not .

This provides a many-worlds, or many dreams, interpretation of elementary arithmetic (or combinatory logics, etc.). It extends Everett embedding of the physicist in physics to an embedding of the mathematician in mathematics, or the arithmetician in arithmetic.



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