1. Hello everyone! I'm Alex. I'm a civil engineer with an avid passion for
Popular Science books. I'm not a scientist, nor a native English speaker, so
please excuse my possible inconsistencies in both Scientific logic or
English grammar. Again, sorry if this question has already been posed. 

2. I've just finished reading Russel Standish's "Theory of Nothing" so the
following question, concerning Quantum Immortality, has its base in the
information found in this book.

3. From what i understand, Functionalism and Computationalism implies that
my consciousness will follow all the world-lines where i live at a maximum
age - this considering that there might be a limit to "Quantum Immortality",
even though this is in contradiction with the definition of this concept;
for the purpose my question let's just say there might be some worlds where
i live until 200 yrs. 

4. From Wikipedia : "Syncope (pronounced /ˈsɪŋkəpi/) is the medical term for
fainting, a sudden, usually temporary, loss of consciousness generally
caused by insufficient oxygen in the brain either through cerebral hypoxia
or through hypotension, but possibly for other reasons. Typical symptoms
progress through dizziness, clamminess of the skin, a dimming of vision or
greyout, possibly tinnitus, complete loss of vision, weakness of limbs to
physical collapse. These symptoms falling short of complete collapse, or a
fall down, may be referred to as a syncoptic episode."

So i take this as evidence that consciousness is not continuous.

5. MY QUESTION: "Why is this possible, for me to pass out, losing my
consciousness because of cerebral hypoxia, hypotension, or because i am hit
by someone, considering that Quantum Immortality implies continuous
consciousness"? More to that, shouldn't we find ourselves in worlds where we
don't sleep (where we are semi-conscious just like dolphins are because they
sleep only with half of their brains) so we don't lose consciousness?

With lots of admiration to the Everything List, that had a lot to do with
producing Russel's book, i salute you all!

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