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I may have this all wrong, but it seems to me that for there to be umpteen trillion copies of a person there had to be umpteen trillion (UT) copies of his parents. And only a relatively small sub-group of those met and cohabited at the exact moment of his/her conception. But the same must have been true for their parents and their parents' parents and so forth back to the primoridal slime. And this staggering foliation of universes only covers one specific zygote of two specific gametes. What of all the other UT^UT combinations leading to the creation of other individuals just on this family tree? And what of all the other combinations and histories of every human, animal, insect and bacterium on this planet? Does it really make sense to assume numbers of universes so far beyond our ability to conceive of? marty a.

You may as well claim that an infinite single universe should not exist because it boggles the human mind.

Stathis Papaioannou

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