I asked a mathematician friend, Ed Clark, about this. And he asked a logician colleague. Here's the reply. :-)


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On 6/2/2010 1:24 PM, Brent Meeker wrote:


I forwarded this to my logician colleagues and asked if they thought it
was serious. One replied:

On 6/2/2010 2:35 PM, Gregory McColm wrote:
 Wall Street has made a fetish of mathematics since it was founded.  So of
 course, logicians are ideally situated to gull investors out of their
 After all, with all of those statisticians and stochastic process people
 getting rich from the gullibility of bankers, why shouldn't logicians get
 the same opportunity to make a dishonest buck?  Why should the
 equations and astrology people get all the business?
       So of course it's serious.  The fact that it took so long is
 to the other worldliness and integrity of the logicians.  But now
we're going
 to be raking in the dough.
       Meanwhile, Edwin, if you want a really nice nest egg, you
really should
 find some place with lots of people with more money than brains (Boca
 fits that bill), and tell them about dominating sets, independence, and
 packing.  You could make a mint...

 Gregory McColm
 Extreme Middle

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