Bruno, I don't claim to follow your discussion with Colin in 'good'
understanding, but there was a sentence to which I ask some explanation:

*"I study just the hypothesis that the brain is Turing emulable."*
Do you mean 'brain' as the *physical tissue-mass* (not likely), or the *
brainfunction *as 'mentality' into the summation of what we try to use?
Do you mean 'Turing' as the presently used embryonic binary adding machine,
or the universal machine - what we (us) try to emulate?

I do not think the  1st part of the 1st Q gets a yes, just as the 2nd Q is
also likely to be anchored in the 2nd part.

In which case instead of saying something, like *"AI is digitally
computable"* I may paraphrase the idea in my primitive wording:

*"We may suppose to be able to compute (~understand) whatever is in store to
be understood"   *

What I would hold a bit exaggerated considering that our 'universal
database' (the wholeness of the existence (~nature) ) MAY(?) include lots of
domains so far not absorbed into our working personal mental capabilities
(beyond Colin's mini solipsism, D.Bohm's explicate, R. Rosen's
system-model?) and so our 'computing' is far from being able to match the
universal machine's. Unless, of course, you may include into the 'emulable'
the acceptance of such hiatus.
Or: if you apply the words "theoretically" : WE (~universal machines) have -
theoretically- the capability of applying omniscience.

Excuse my asking into what you say you ARE still studying.


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