Hi Rabbi Rabbit.


I haven't contributed to this list for a while but I have been reading it.

Here is a possible connection between the Kabbalah and the Multiverse, which I will describe in a bulleted fashion for brevity.

The initial chaos, "Tohu va Bohu," (from which the French word tohu bohu) is equivalent to what is known in this list as the Plenitude.

The first light "Or" is not a physical light at all but it is the awakening of consciousness.

The separation that God performs (And God divided the light from the darkness), is mediated by what is called on this list the Anthropic Principle. In essence, the just awakened consciousness can only be aware of the part of the Tohu va Bohu that can support the consciousness's own existence. Consciousness can only see order in the world that it perceives.

The sentence "And God saw the light and it was good" is interesting because consciousness is a self referencing phenomenon. God saw the light but consciousness also saw the light - itself. This means that God and consciousness are identical.

God, consciousness and the world co-emerge out of chaos. Consciousness filters the world out of Chaos. More specifically, _any instance_ of consciousness "to be what it is" (in the human experience, with consistent memories and logical capabilities) requires the corresponding world "to be what it is" (to be ordered, with consistent histories and logical physical laws). Consciousness and the world mirror each other and therefore, they are in their own image. There can be many different consciousnesses, each one being in fact a whole world.

Best Regards


Rabbi Rabbit wrote:
Dear Jason,

My assumption is that the Name of God, according to Abraham Abulafia,
could be made of any possible combination of the 22 letters, as long
as this name does not exceed 22 characters. This includes repetitions
of letters and any combination between 1 and 22 characters.

Thank you for your wise remark, it was indeed not clear enough as I
formulated it previously.

Yours truly,

R. Rabbit

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