> Fred Hoyle suggested the idea of quantum suicide for a civilisation in
> “October the 1st is too late” written around 1964 I think. That’s the
> first occurrence I know of it.

Thank you. I just read it. I am now more convinced than ever that I have
the right idea. I've figured out the links between the Platonic world of
ideas, the physical world, and the mental world. I can explain the reason
for the flow of time. I can explain the story of Jesus. I can explain the
real significance of the Holy Trinity. I can explain it all. And you can
believe me or not. I don't care.

There are always, always, two explanations to get the truth of reality to
anybody. And they are both perfectly rational and logical. And one is
always easy, and one is always hard. One is based on faith, and one is
based on evidence.

If you understand it, then you will understand that the one based on
evidence is so damn complicated that it just isn't worth your time to
write it down. You need a high-bandwidth face-to-face communications
channel to convince anybody. Because it's just too damn much work
otherwise. And you will understand why that is. And the only other
argument, the one based on faith, is this: I'm God, and I can prove it,
but you have to talk to me face to face and be willing to listen to me to
understand the proof. And even then I might not be able to prove it to
you. But it will certainly be an interesting conversation.

You're God too, you just don't know it yet. You will. God's an inexorable
clockwork machine of love and understanding. In a sense.

The purpose of your life is to find out what it means to be human. In the
literal and figurative sense.
Mark Buda <her...@acm.org>
I get my monkeys for nothing and my chimps for free.

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