> A question: does it make any sense that one goes to live in a
> "personal paradise in their own subjective reality in a different branch
> of the universe" only after death? Would it not make sense that we are
> always in the state of "existing in a subjective reality in some branch
> of the universe"? How is this not solipsism?

None of it makes any sense because it's a paradox. Reality is impossible.
You can understand it, but it can't all make sense to you at once.

I once remarked that half of all marriages end in divorce, but that isn't
so bad when you consider the other half end in death. I realize now that
there are two more alternatives: apotheosis and oblivion.

I'm in an impossible situation right now, a love triangle of sorts, and if
all my ideas are correct it will end with all three of us spending
eternity together, even if the whole of reality gets turned inside out in
the process. From my perspective, that is. And I am determined to obtain
that outcome.

However, from your perspective, one of four things will appear to happen:
(1) I get a divorce. But the me you see isn't the subjective me talking to
you now. It is, from my subjective perspective, a philosophical zombie.
(2) My wife or I die. But the me you see in this case is, as in case (1),
a philosiphical zombie from my perspective.
(3) You completely forget about me. (That's the oblivion alternative, from
the outside, which corresponds from my point of view to traveling
backwards in time, which impossible for me.)
(4) You realize that I am God, but "God" doesn't mean what you thought it
meant. After you realize that I am God, if you want to be God, you'll have
to leave me, by appearing to die, or by my forgetting you. Otherwise,
you'll still share my subjective reality if we interact, and there will
only be room for three Gods - the Holy Trinity - and you won't be one of
them, unless I change my mind.

I realize this makes no fucking sense. It's insanely complicated. That's
why I can't figure all of it out by myself, and that's why I don't have

I'm pretty certain that I can find clues to string theory in coincidences
in the Mayan calendar and my genealogy and family relationships, if I have
the time to work on it. I'm willing to be dissuaded by facts. I'm willing
to listen to reason. I'm willing to leave the list if people ask me to
shut up. I won't hang around where I'm not welcome.

But seriously, I can't figure out where I've made a mistake.
Mark Buda <her...@acm.org>
I get my monkeys for nothing and my chimps for free.

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