On 8/2/2010 1:39 AM, Quentin Anciaux wrote:

Meaning of words can change and do change. Meaning of english words are dependant of humans. Meaning of mathematical thruths aren't.

Mathematical truths don't have meaning.

        Mathematical truth are independent of humans, life and the
        universe and the rest, it's nonsense if it's otherwise.

        What's "it's" in the above sentence?

    It's, is the fact that mathematical truths are independent of humans.

    Ah.  The point in question is asserted.


No, it's about the meaning. If mathematical truth are dependant on humans they mean utlimately nothing at all. So it's nonsensical.

Truth is property of sentences. In mathematics it's just a token T you attach to some sentences (the axioms) and then applying some rules of inference that are assumed to preserve T you see which other sentences get T. It is nonsense, in the sense that pure mathematics is not about anything. It is useful for creating models of things because it guarantees that the model will not be inconsistent, i.e. lead to the inference of every statement. Mathematics attains certainty by giving up meaning.

"In mathematics we never know what we are talking about or whether what we say is true or false."
        --- Bertrand Russell

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