Dear Russell,

        Yes, and it was Hofstädter's Gödel loops that gave me the idea of
how one might model self-referential systems. I found Jon Barwise's work on
non-well founded set theory to be the best treatment of this so far, but
there still is not a general enough logical and algebraic framework to use
in physics that I have found. I have tried to do this with the notion of
bisimulation, but I have been unable to find the right wording to explain
this idea, I have dropped back to more basic ideas.


Stephen P. King

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Hi Stephen,
A very interesting post, one that I haven't fully grokked yet. I think the
question you're tackling is another facet of the problem of the Anthropic
Principle that I outlined in my book, so I wish you well in your endeavours.
One tip is that I think Hofstädter's Gödel loops are involved somehow...



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