Hi Bret,


            Could you elaborate on this point and/or point me to a good
discussion of it? From what I have studied so far there is no solution to
the measurement problem so far in terms of an explanation of the way that
the choice is made in each successive event, world or whatever. Even
decoherence does not help things from what I can tell, but this business
that "What's a superposition in one basis is still an eigenfunction in some
basis." is new to me. The one to one and reversible aspect was the state
itself, but this is a different situation, no? There is a subscript i in the
symbolic representations of the eigenvalues, eigenvectors and
eigenfunctions, no? What does this represent?




Stephen P. King




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A superposition in QM is just due to a choice of basis.  What's a
superposition in one basis is still an eigenfunction in some basis.  The
evolution of the state is one-to-one and time reversible.  The problem is
the measurement or "measurement like" processes which give us classical
behavior.  Everett's relative states (aka multiple worlds) is one answer to
this problem.



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