On Nov 28, 11:36 pm, "Stephen Paul King" <stephe...@charter.net>
> Hi Rex and Bruno,
>     I think that you are both missing an important point by taking an from
> infinity view. The fact that the world is not given to us in terms where
> these is one and only one option given some condition forces us to deal with
> alternatives. We can go on and on about causation and determinism but let us
> get Real, there is only rarely a situation where there can only be one
> singular effect to a singular cause. In fact there is never a actual
> singular cause to some event so the argument falls flat because of a false
> premise.

I am not sure if you are saying determinism is false as an ontological
fact, or just that alternatives will subjectively appear to be open
due to ignorance.

>We can build and knock over straw men for ever or we can look at
> Nature honesty and see that our pet theories of Monolithic Static Structure
> will always be Incomplete.
>     Free Will, illusory or otherwise is an attempt to deal with the reality
> that there are always alternatives that can occur. We promote a notion of
> Agency to act as a mechanism that chooses between alternatives without bias
> or cohesion and imagine that we have such an agency.

I don't see why bias should be inimical to FW.

> Surely this is a
> falsehood from the point of view of infinity where we can imagine we can see
> all of the variables, but we are only thinking of ourselves as an observer
> that is external to the system that we observe and so can see its properties
> and *that our means of perception of such has no effect upon what those
> properties are*. This role used to be played by the notion of a Deity. Now
> we find a secular version of the same thing and wonder why we make no
> progress beyond this conundrum!
>     We are not Omniscient, we are not Omnipresent and we most certainly are
> not Omnipotent. Deal with it.

I don;'t see your point. Are you saying FW is the same as omnipotence?

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