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Dedicated to the memory of Ray Solomonoff (1926--2009)

The volume consists of an indispensable set of chapters written by
leading scholars, scientists and researchers in the field of
Randomness, including related subfields specially but not limited to
the strong developed connections to the Computability and Recursion
Theory. Highly respected, indeed renowned in their areas of
specialization, many of these contributors are the founders of their
fields. The scope of "Randomness Through Computation" is novel. Each
contributor shares his personal views and anecdotes on the various
reasons and motivations which led him to the study of the subject.
They share their visions from their vantage and distinctive
viewpoints. In summary, this is an opportunity to learn about the
topic and its various angles from the leading thinkers.


* Randomness as Circuit Complexity (and the Connection to
Pseudorandomness) (E. Allender)
* Randomness Everywhere: My Path to Algorithmic Information Theory (C.S. Calude)
* Metaphysics, Metamathematics and Metabiology (G. Chaitin)
* The Martin-Löf-Chaitin Thesis (J-P. Delahaye)
* Computability, Algorithmic Randomness and Complexity (R.G. Downey)
* Is Randomness Native to Computer Science? Ten Years After (M.
Ferbus-Zanda & S. Grigorieff)
* The Impact of Algorithmic Information Theory on Our Current Views (P. Gács)
* Scatter and Regularity Imply Benford's Law... and More (N. Gauvrit &
J-P. Delahaye)
* Is Randomness Necessary? (R. Graham)
* Algorithmic Randomness as Foundation of Inductive Reasoning and
Artificial Intelligence (M. Hutter)
* Randomness: A Tool for Constructing and Analyzing Computer Programs
(A. Kucera)
* Connecting Randomness to Computation (M. Li)
* Some Bridging Results and Challenges in Classical, Quantum and
Computational Randomness (G. Longo, C. Palamidessi & T. Paul)
* Randomness, Computability and Information (J.S. Miller)
* Studying Randomness Through Computation (A. Nies)
* Statistical Testing of Randomness: New and Old Procedures (A.L. Rukhin)
* Randomness, Occam’s Razor, AI, Creativity and Digital Physics (J. Schmidhuber)
* Algorithmic Probability — Its Discovery — Its Properties and
Application to Strong AI (R.J. Solomonoff)
* From Error-correcting Codes to Algorithmic Information Theory (L. Staiger)
* Uncertainty in Physics and Computation (M.A. Stay)
* Indeterminism and Randomness Through Physics (K. Svozil)
* Probability is a Lot of Logic at Once: If You Don’t Know Which One
to Pick, Take ’em All (T. Toffoli)
* Randomness in Algorithms (O. Watanabe)
* The Road to Intrinsic Randomness (S. Wolfram)
* Panel discussion transcription (University of Vermont, Burlington
2007): Is The Universe Random? (C.S. Calude, J. Casti, G.J. Chaitin,
Paul Davies, S. Wolfram & K. Svozil)
* Panel discussion transcription (University of Indiana Bloomington
2008): What is Computation? (How) Does Nature Compute? (C.S. Calude,
G.J. Chaitin, E. Fredkin, T.J. Leggett, R. de Ruyter, T. Toffoli & S.

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