Dear Bruno,

you wrote to Stephen:
"...A machine is just a number interpreted by a universal number. A
universal number is a number u such that there is an arithmetical relation R
with R(u, x, y, z) <-> phi_x(y) = z provable in PA (say)."

I wonder if an ' *a r i t h m e t i c a *l relation' (any* r e l a t i o n *,
for that matter) ((Autocratically))
  D O E S  anything, or intitates  Doing/Changing or even Calculating (in
number systems  or anywhere.)
If not, the system is just sitting there, waiting for the "operator" (= us)
to DO anything.
That is from the 'inside' look of course.

Another personal peculiarity of mine:
An *O B S E R V E R*  in my views is any*THING*  (including anybody of
course) acknowledging any change. Change in this respect
can be a so far not acknowledged quale coming into the observation (what I
call "information"). . E.g. an electric charge coming into the sphere of an
oppoite charge (electrode?)

Best regards and wishes

John M

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