Hi Travis,

Welcome to the list. Its great to see some new blood. I did get around
to reading your paper a few days ago, and had a couple of comments
which I posted.

1) Your usage of the term Physic Church-Turing Thesis. What I thought
you were assuming seemed more accurately captured by Bruno's COMP
assumption, or Tegmark's Mathematical Universe Hyporthesis. For
instance, Wikipedia, following Piccinini states the PCTT as:

"According to Physical CTT, all physically computable functions are

I guess one can argue about what precisely constitutes a physically
computable function, but one implication of the PCTT would be that
real random number generators are impossible, and that beta decay is
not really random, but pseudo random. This is contradicted by COMP.

But, this is only a debate about nomenclature, not about the worth of
your paper.

2) There can only be a countable number of observers, but an
uncountable number of bits of information, so I was suspicious of your
Observer Class Hypothesis. However, it looks like I missed your use of
the Faddeev-Popov procedure, which eliminates most of those uncountable
bits of information, so the ball is definitely back in my court!

BTW - I don't think the problem you are trying to solve with the OCH
is a problem that needs solving - the reference class of Anthropic
Reasoning must always be a subset of the set of observers (or observer
moments depending on how strong your self-sampling assumption is).

But it would nevertheless be intriguing if the OCH were true, and I
could see it having other applications. Thanks for the notion.

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 01:10:50PM -0800, Travis Garrett wrote:
> Hi everybody,
>    My name is Travis - I'm currently working as a postdoc at the
> Perimeter Institute.  I got an email from Richard Gordon and Evgenii
> Rudnyi pointing out that my recent paper: http://arxiv.org/abs/1101.2198
> is being discussed here, so yeah, I'm happy to join the conversation.
> I'll respond to some specific points in the discussion thread, but
> what the heck, I'll give an overview of my idea here...


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