On 11/02/11 07:42, Evgenii Rudnyi wrote:
I am on travel this weak. While reading and enjoying the current discussion in hotel, I have mentioned a book on the table. It happened to be

Ellen Schreiber, Kosmische Weisheiten (Cosmic Wisdom)

I have randomly opened the book and I have landed by

Ein einziger Mensch (A single man)

The first sentence of the story is as follows:

Das Verhalten und die Energie eines Einzelnen sind wichtig für den gesamten Kosmos (The behavior and the energy of an individual are important to the entire cosmos).

Well, I hope this will inspire you for further fruitful discussions.


P.S. By the way, I have used Google Translate and it went extremely well. Hence it well might be that we are not that far away from a digital universe.

Not that far OT

In Rovelli's Relational Quantum Mechanics the effective physical environment of the observer is defined solely by the observations made by that observer. On my view, this leads directly to a kind of karma, and in this case, indeed, 'The behavior and the energy of an individual are important to the entire cosmos.', but only, of course, as far as that observer is concerned. Rovelli's concept actually defines personal, physical, parallel realities. All kinds of odd things follow from that!


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