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> On Feb 15, 10:12 pm, Brent Meeker <meeke...@dslextreme.com> wrote:
> > On 2/15/2011 1:48 PM, 1Z wrote:
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> > I agree.  Although it's interesting that some people with synasthesia
> > apparently perceive numbers as having various perceptual properties.
> Some people "perceive" pink elephants too. However, other people don't
> "perceive" them , leading cynics to suppose that they are not
> really being perceived at all.
The guy who reported seeing the digits of pi like a vast landscape also
receited over 20,000 digits from memory.  That should lend a little more
credence to his claims.

> Sure. Horses are real and unicorns aren't. Didn't you know that?

Unless you've visited every time period in every corner of reality how can
you assert unicrons don't exist?  The fossile record might suggest they have
never lived on this planet but that hardly rules out their existence

"Does XYZ exist?"
"Let me look around...  I can't see it right now, it must not exist!"

Instead we should take a more humble approach:

"I've looked around and cannot see it here, it probably doesn't exist here,
however I have no idea whether or not it exists in places I cannot see or
have not looked."

I think Bayesian inference:
Is particularly useful in answering questions relating to existence.  The
question is, what prior probability would you set to a proposition such as
"Other universes not visible to us exist".  1Z and Brent would seem to
assign a rather low probability, but that just means a higher threshold of
evidence will be required to convince them.  Lacking any evidence at all,
the least biased prior probability to begin with is 0.5.  If some evidence,
for fine tuning for example, accumulates then you should adjust your assumed
probability that the proposition "Other universes not visible to us exist"
is true.

Are you aware of a better or more fair way of addressing such a question?


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