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  This, from my friend Vic Stenger, might be of interest to you Bruno.

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I read it, but Vic seems to be not aware of the recent (but not so recent) 
progress in the field. He begs the question when he says that information can 
be reduced to particles. Does Vic knows about the UDA?
I appreciate some papers by Vic Stenger in physics, but he clearly is not aware 
of the comp mind-body problem. Physicalism has been falsified. Materialism 
reinstates the kind of "God" of the pseudo-religions. It confirms, a bit like 
Dawkins, that materialism and christianism/creationism are really Aristotelian 
allies against a coming back to serious theology. They differ on the presence 
of a creator, but keep a naive stance with respect to the creation. In a sense 
comp is far more "atheist", because there is not creator nor creation, just a 
web of dreaming numbers, and some notion of unknown and unnameable truth.

      [SPK] Your wordings here remind me of the stories of Cthulhu  by H. P. 



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