If you have a UDA inside a physical universe, there is real physics
(qua physicalevents)
outside it, and there is a real study of physics outside it as well.
What goes on in a
virtualised environment is not real. You could feed virtualised people
false information
about the past, but that would not be rewriting history (in the sense
of changing the real
past) and it would have not mean that the virtualissed people had some
valid kind

of history qua study of the past) either, since it would not be based
on true facts.
Likewise, their "phsyics" would not really be phsyics
, because it would not be based on the only real phsyical reality, the
one in which
the UDA is embedded. There is no particular reason to think that
phsyics (qua study) that is baeed
on false information counts as physics in the true sense of the term.
If "physics" *means*
the study of what is ontologically fundamental, then what is going on
in the UDA can
only be pseudo physics. On the other hand, if "phsyics" just means
"investigation of subjective phenomenology""
then the argument goes through -- but only because that particular
definition of physics is
doing the heavy lifting. It isn't difficult to prove that physics
isn't about objective reality if
you  have started with the assumption that it *is* about subjective

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