I suspect we all may.

Wong states that, important as a grand unified theory might be, "... it is lacking in one important fundamental aspect, viz., the role of consciousness [which] could in fact be considered the most fundamental aspect of physics."

Given that conciousness seems all too clearly to be centrally involved in quantum mechanics, and since it is also the primary mechanism whereby the world is observed, and thus science made possible, I am in full agreement.

The nature of consciousness has been a mystery ever since there have been people, and remains so even in our high tech scientific age. However, there is a very specific attribute which can be readily deduced. Consciousness is to the quantum state the way a projector is to the frames of the projected movie. It is therefore by definition a system process, a process 'outside' of the moments, just as the projector is outside' and operates contextually to, the frames of the movie. Given that there is nothing outside of the universe, by definition, such a phenomenon can only be an emergent property of the unitary universe / multiverse system. We know for certain that it is of this nature.

The frame of a movie is of one, primitive, logical type, while the movie itself, the sequence of frames, is of a different second logical type. Iteration, the action of the movie projector, is of yet another, third, different logical type. It is common to all movies. In the same way, the quantum state, the change of the quantum state - the collapse dynamics - and the iterative function, consciousness, are each of different logical type. This is fully described in Logical Types in Quantum Mechanics <http://philsci-archive.pitt.edu/archive/00005554/>.

As Wong states "The universe might be in some sense a Great Mind". The implications are so extraordinary that the scientific mind baulks. The experiencer 'in' each conscious observer is an emergent property of the totality. No wonder that the intuition of some mighty being is part of our folklore!


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Bruno may be interested in this one.

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