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Subject: The Emergence of Consciousness in the Quantum Universe

Here we go again.


Hi Ronald!

My first impression of this paper is that it is yet another attempt to reify the doctrine of dialectical materialism, then I wondered if the paper was the output of a science-word-salad-izer
but reading further I saw some gems:

"Another implication of the current proposal is that there can be no self-aware mecha- nized artificial intelligence no matter how advanced the technology becomes, since biological intelligence is evolved as part of inter-connected universal evolution. A mechanical com- puter’s CPU will never acquire free will, since it will never be able to establish the infinite multitude of connections with the rest of the universe environment, as manifested in the entanglement of the phases of the wave-functions (the Aharonov-Bohm effect). However, entities formed through semi-biological pathways such as cloning are possible because they tap into nature’s established pathways to establish these infinite connections."

   As my kids would say: OMG! LOL! /facepalm

I would like to agree in principle with Zhang but I am not sure that s/he is not a Chinese Room!



PS, thanks for posting this reference

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