Hi Evgenii,

Sorry for the answer's delay, but I am rather busy for March, so I am slowed down.

> Please ask, if this is not clear for you.

Well, if we assume that duplication happens in an unconsciousness state, then I do not see much difference. By the way, in Astérix & Obélix Take On Caesar there is an episode not that far from your example. It is also available on YouTube


In the movie it went quite well.

OK :)
Note that in this sequence apparently the copies count for nothing and are rather easily eliminated!

> (*) Which I have already illustrated with the experience where you

Sorry, I was not able to follow your example.

Imagine a big screen made of 16180 * 10000 pixels, each pixel capable of being black or white.

Do you agree that there is 2^(16180 * 10000) images possible. OK? (I can explain this if someone ask).

Then instead of duplicating you in two. I polyplicate you in 2^(16180 * 10000), and put each of the resulting 'you' in front of each possible image on the screen.

(For quantum Many worlder, this can be realized in practice, by putting you in front of a quantum screen with each pixel state determined by a quantum bit).

Then I reiterated that (giant) multiplication for each of those 2^(16180 * 10000) copies of you, and this 24 times by second (the typical movie lapses) during 90 minutes (the typical duration of a movie). I can again to that in practice by sending a beam of quantum bit (in the state 0+1, and correlating the pixels accordingly).

The question is asked to you before the first polyplication, and is: what do you expect to see among the following:

-A constant black screen A constant white screen
-A silent version of the first 90 minutes of 2001 Space Odyssey
-A silent version of the first 90 minutes of 2001 Space Odyssey with spanish
- Apparent white noise, but actually a description of PI in binary
-Apparent white noise.

Is it clearer? What is your answer? Do you see the point?



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