On 3/22/2011 7:31 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
Clearly qualia is a problem, have no idea how it could emerge.

I can explain why universal machine have qualia. It comes from the self-reference logic. But only "rich" machine (the Löbian one), can talk and develop discourse about their qualia, and have to be astonished about them, until they bet that they are machines. Qualia are sort of automated gap-filling in self-perception. They obey a qualia logic,

What logic is that? Do you take qualia to imply *conscious* perception? Or do you assume consciousness is an internal discourse?


and mechanism makes the quanta a particular case of qualia. This is even too much 'subjectivist' to me, but then I have no way to escape logical conclusions.

On the other hand, biologists claim that even bacteria can perceive


Do those biologists pretend that bacteria have qualia? I have not much evidence, but I would bet they do, as little universal system sharing our histories. I have more evidence that paramecia have qualia, by they more complex behaviors, and appearance of some amount of information flux crossing the cell. But that might be some sort of human projection, and I have no certainty. In case of doubt, despite it might look a bit naïve, it is preferable to bet that an entity has qualia, than to bet the contrary. This might avoid suffering.


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