On Sat, Apr 02, 2011 at 05:12:28AM -0700, Nick Prince wrote:
> Hi Russell
> I have considered also the possibility that the NCDSC may not
> necessarilly operate simultaneously - this would imply temporary 3rd
> person culde sacs!  Just as in Bruno's teleportation experiment, there
> is no reason why the reconstitution of the individual cannot be
> delayed. From the ist person pov, everything works the same and
> continuity is experienced.  I'm unsure how this fits in with MWI
> though. Such delays would not be easily accounted for in the state
> vector's superposition.  Hence if someone reaches a NCDS event and
> somehow later on they find a consistent extension in a simulation of
> some sort, then what happens to the temporary branch cul de sac in
> terms of a quantum mechanical explanation?
> Nick Prince

It doesn't really make sense to say 3rd person cul-de-sacs. These would be
just regular deaths, as we see all around us, all the time.

When you say temporary cul-de-sacs, do you mean after which there is
some kind of amnesia, and then you follow a non cul-de-sac history? If
these really existed, then I would say the NCDS conjecture is refuted,
and QTI, stricto-sensu, is false. But, its going to be hard to come up
with such a scenario. The best I could do was after decapitation,
there are reports of some people indicating they're still conscious
seconds later. But even these scenarios are not immune to the waking
up after a dream explanation.



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