I need to issue a clarification. What the heck does inertia – the property of 
remaining in a given state of motion unless acted upon by an external force 
have - to do with Nietzian Recurrence? Consider the UD as eternally running. 
Within it are all possible worlds expressed as strings of integers. What 
prevents a given string from being arbitrarily extended by one more integer and 
another and another and another ....? Nothing! Thus is the string happens to be 
a particle moving through space, how would we code the effect of a force acting 
upon that particle such that it experiences a change in its momentum? What 
would distinguish the “force acting upon the entity” from the entity itself?

    How does a string of Integers alone code all of the interactions between 
the entities that it represents? Oh, that’s right, if I assume ideal monism I 
am not allowed to think that numbers “represent” physical events. In ideal 
monism there is no physicality at all, there is only numbers and relations 
between numbers encoded in the numbers themselves via Gödelization. So ok, we 
can Gödelize the Gödel numbers and then Gödelize them again ab infinitum. So 
far no problems. But how do we Gödelize the computation of whether or not a 
smooth diffeomorphism exists between pair of space-time manifolds? Or more 
generally, does there exist a Gödel number for a theory equivalent to a general 
solution to an arbitrarily large NP-Complete problem? If there is then it might 
lead to a proof that P = NP. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P_versus_NP_problem

    I confess that I still do not have a wording to express my thought on this, 
but I need to put this claim out there.



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Hi Bruno,

    Sometimes I feel that you are not reading what I write at all. :(

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> We need the physical world to be the interface between our
> separate minds,
> otherwise we will be trapped in the UD in endless
> Poincare recursions. This is the nightmare that Nietzsche saw.

[BM]I doubt this, but if that were true, that would not been a reason to  
abandon comp. Only a reason to hope that comp is false. But comp is  
not yet sufficiently developed to start having premature fear of it.

[SPK] Unless there is something that acts as a limit on the expressions of the 
UD then how do we recover inertia? 

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