On 4/18/2011 11:26 PM, Rex Allen wrote:
If we consider the case of this person, and are unable to see any
plausible explanation that could account for their behavior - no
commonalities with other cases, nothing that matches against any other
statistics, no plausible mechanisms from sociology, neurology,
psychiatry, medicine, biology, genetics, chemistry, or physics...then
sure, treat him as “free”.

That was exactly the situation we were in a thousand years ago.  And
it was justifiable - in that the approach does “work” to some extent,
and they didn’t know of any better way to go about it.

I just think that there are better ways to go about it now.

And it is done differently than a thousand years ago, when they prosecuted donkeys and chickens for crimes. Nowadays mental illness and external coercion are defenses or at least considered as mitigating factors. Even eating twinkies.


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