I can't help but think you are overanalysing things, but who
knows. ISTM that your concerns are about an unjustified digitisation
of reality.

In saying recording, I'm not assuming that the recording is digital,
nor that the "single predetermined worldline" is digital either. The
argument also works for continuous universes, and analog recordings of
those processes within that universe.

I should also comment that Bruno's "movie graph" is an analogue recording

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 09:54:21PM -0400, Stephen Paul King wrote:
> Hi Russell and Bruno,
>     I’ve been slowly reading “The Theory of Nothing” by Russell K. Standish 
> and stumbled over the following sentence (that has Bruno’s discussion of the 
> Movie Graph Argument and Maudlin’s Olympia and Klara in the context): “All 
> physical processes occupying single predetermined world lines must be 
> equivalent to a recording of the process.” pg. 144.
> 1) Does this statement not seem only consistent with a purely
> Newtonian definition of a process such that the “single predetermined
> world line”? How is the fact that our physical world is demonstrably
> only approximately Newtonian not require us to rethink this statement?
> I contend that there is a lot of rubbish ideas being taken seriously
> by serious thinkers in fundamental  studies. One is that the Planck
> constant implies that Nature’s behaviors only exists in integer
> multiples of this constant. Such an assumption leads to nonsense such
> as the idea that space-time is granular at small size/high energy
> scales. This idea has observable consequences that have been observed
> to not be the case. Resent observations of ultra high energy gamma ray
> photons have shown that space-time is smooth even at those scales in
> direct violation of the nonsense’s predictions. Are we not using
> empirical evidence to guide our considerations?


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