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On 4/28/2011 2:20 PM, Stephen Paul King wrote: 
  Hi Russell,

      But does this only make the problem worse? The quantity of information 
that would have to be specified in analogue recordings would be at least some 
power greater than the information necessary to specify the finite bit digital 
version! I would like to be wrong on this, but ISTM that the Newtonian picture 
of the universe demands infinite computational resources to implement the 
Laplace Demon. I am trying to make sense of the Bekenstein bound and an idea in 
resent discussion by David Deutsch in his On Optimism speech – a speech that I 
wish all persons would watch and comprehend.
      I do overthink things. My lovely and brilliant wife often points this out 
to me. Please allow me to ask another question. Is the notion of an “observer 
moment” corresponding to “the smallest possible conscious experience” related 
to Bruno’s concept of substitution level? ISTM that both act like the idea of a 
coarse graining on an ensemble that is used to define the entropy of a system 
in that all of the members of the ensemble that are indistinguishable from a 
macroscopic point of view. Related to this see: 

What book is this?


  Hi Bent,

    I honestly do not know. I found it from a Google search some time ago. The 
parent site is ,a “Digital Academic Repository” associated 
with the University of Amsterdam.



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