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this is my personal way of thinking in realization of the continual
epistemic enrichment what earlier authors missed. I do not vouch for
correctness of my ideas, they are like a level in an advancement I found
followable in view of the latest epistemic additions in a continuously
changing world(view).
Self-awareness is definitely at the level of human complexity.
There is evidence of self-awareness in a handful of other species,
including most of the great apes, bottlenose dolphins and asian
elephants. Many of these same species appear capable of developing
rudimentary language capability.

I would not be surprised to see a number of other species also show
evidence of self-awareness in time - including some birds, and maybe
even some cephalopods. However, I am also equally sure that most
species are incapable of it - too many species fail the tests we pose
of them.

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