Hi Brent,

    No, the Newtonian case would be such that the logical non-contradiction 
requirement would be trivial as the number of physical alternatives that could 
occur next per state is one, this generates a one to one to one to one to one 
... type of sequencing. There is no “choice” in the Newtonian case. On the 
other hand, in QM we have a clear example of irreducible and non-trivial 
alternatives that could occur next per state. IN QM, observables are defined in 
terms of complex valued amplitudes which do not have a well ordering as Real 
numbered valuations do. Because of this fact we cannot assume that OMs exist 
with an a priori well ordering. Time exists because everything cannot occur all 
at once.

    My argument is that the traditional notion of a measure does not apply 
because we cannot assume the simultaneous co-reliability of OMs, thus the DA is 
an artifact of misapplied statistics.



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On 5/8/2011 7:53 PM, Stephen Paul King wrote: 
      I think that the ‘Surprise 20 Questions’ idea that John Wheeler 
considered in his famous ‘It from Bit’ paper might be more appropriate. Any OM 
that is a possible continuance of another OM must not contain information that 
is inconsistent with any previous OM in its sequence, up to some constant that 
relates to the upper bound on the resolving power of a typical measurement. We 
additionally need to consider that possible interactions between physical 
systems would also constrain the information in the OMs such that no OM in a 
sequence could contain information that contradicts that of another that is 
related to some separate but co-existing system.
      Instead of thinking of the content of OMs in terms of some statistical 
measure, I think that it might be a better idea to consider exactly how OM are 
sequenced together such that the White Rabbit problem is minimized. This method 
is what Pratt uses in his residuation idea in his process dualism solution to 
the concurrency problem, where each state/event transition occurs so long as 
both physical conservation laws and logical non-contradiction laws are upheld. 
It seems to me that this bypasses the measure problem completely.”

It might bypass the measure problem if the world were Newtonian, i.e. 
deterministic.  But QM tells us that it isn't.


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