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On Mon, May 09, 2011 at 12:19:28AM -0400, Stephen Paul King wrote:
>>     My argument is that the traditional notion of a measure does not apply 
>> because we cannot assume the simultaneous co-reliability of OMs, thus the DA 
>> is an artifact of misapplied statistics.

> The traditional DA does not refer to OMs at all. Sometimes I say that
> the SSA is an absolute measure on birth OMs, but this is a manner of
> speaking for connecting the SSA with the various forms of SSSA. But in
> reality, the SSA does not need the concept of OM.

> That is why I'm wondering if you really have in mind Mallah's argument
> against QTI, rather than the traditional DA. If that's what you're
> thinking, I'll go back over what you've written with that in mind.

> Cheers

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    Is not the SSA “the idea that you should reason as if you were a random 
sample form the set of all observers" . I do seem to be rehashing some of 
Mallah’s argument (http://www.higgo.com/qti/Mallah.htm ) but even in your reply 
to Mallah you use  the notion of “mean human lifetime”. How is this a known 
quantity unless one takes an atemporal “block universe” stance and excludes 
possible life extension technologies, etc. Exactly what does “the set of all 
observers” mean otherwise?
    There is some interesting discussion over at 



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