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good question. My agnostic thinking asks first: can you define death? I
think it is something like "the opposite of life" - begging the question:
how would you define LIFE? \
Our terms are subsets for the figment "physical world" and I would not go
along with the medical definition of death without an adequate term of
'life' pointing to the *end* of which.
I 'think' life is much more than a biologic process - especially restricted
to carbon-based physical constructs (molecules?) and borderlines as e.g.
'cell-membranes' etc.
The closest I came up" death calls for a disintegration of "complexity" (at
least its functional(?) substantial parts) in relations we can characterize
in our biosphere as *LIFE*, notable as exercising Metabolism and Repair
('M&R' after: Robert Rosen).
If life is not a noun, rather a process, the discontinuation of it also may
be a process with different parameters.
John M

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> Isn't all of this a denial of death ? Is it possible to ascribe a meaning

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