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> >Honestly, he is spending way too much time arguing
> >with religious dingbats and their “Intelligent Design” noise. Why
> >should the dingbats get to control that question?
> You must be a friend of Wojech Langer.  He's the guy who keeps
> criticizing Vic for attacking ID'ers and New-Agers.  Langer wants
> Vic to direct his energy against the real threat - the Young Earth
> Creationists.  It's a lot easier to tell somebody else what work
> they should do than to do it yourself.
> Brent

That's a bit of a stretch Brent. I, too, am not overly enthusiastic
about Vic's campaign against the fundies, but I don't presume to tell
him what to do with his time, nor did I think Stephen was suggesting
anything of the sort either.

Of course, we don't seem to have quite the same problem with fundies
here in Australia that you do on America. Mind you, the leader of our
opposition party (the "Liberals") has gone on the record flaunting his
religious ideals, and is a climate change denier to boot - I shudder
to think what might happen if he got in. Most people I know seem to
think he's a bit of a nutjob...

BTW - I watched Agora last night. Very relevant to these matters...


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