On 06 Jun 2011, at 11:31, whitespectre wrote:

Hello, I just joined here and I am excited to explore the world of
knowledge of everything and nothing, I am 22 years old and a computer
science graduate and I recently had a "psychotic episode" where I
realised that everything is a computation driven by some kind of force
called mathematical inevitability, and all feeling was a fine tuning
into the structure and forces of nature (evolutionary pressure against
pain and for sweet foods), I saw that the universe could be explained
as the instantiation of a fractal and I also thought my own awareness
was the final result and I WAS mathematics, I am on medication now and
I am trying to get the sense of magic back by study.
I do not want to bother you and will not post any more, I have much
reading ahead of me and just wanted to share my own experience.

Thanks for sharing. You are welcome. Logic is full of magic, and computer science doubly so. I may add later some comments on your "psychotic episode", and why do we have to shake the brain a bit for getting some type of intuitions. We are a bit programmed for not "reading the end of the novel", I think, a bit like the fishes were not supposed to explore the lands. Perturbation occurred.

Here is the deepest zoom (15 minutes!) on the (rational) Mandelbrot set, which I think is a compact version of the universal dovetailing.




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