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> Rex Allen wrote:
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> >> Rex Allen wrote:
> >>>
> >>> If evolution by natural selection were correct, then it seems to me
> >>> that if the overall environment remained relatively stable for an
> >>> extended period of time - then regardless of how it ended up,
> >>> humans would be at about same level of happiness.
> >>
> >> I don't think it is generally true, though I think it is approximatly
> >> true
> >> if we assume humans are restricted to biological intelligence (which
> >> probably won't be the case in the future).
> >
> > Though, if our technological prowess were to plateau at a level
> > advanced enough that we could maintain a stable environment for
> > ourselves, but short of any type of "Singularity"...then what?
> I personally believe that development is an inevitable and universal part
> of
> the omniverse. Probably ever accelerating development (my guess is
> uncomputable fast development). I think there are plenty reasons to believe
> in development as an universal principle: Occam's Razor + evidence,
> pragmatic optimism, a consistent future for subjective immortality (which I
> assume)...
> But okay, let's grant this won't happen.
> In case technological progress might reach a plateau in a way that there
> are
> no big paradigm changes and no exponential progress or even constant
> progress anymore, it will still not absolutely halt. If you think it will,
> you could more plasubily believe that biological evolution will. There is
> no
> reason at all to assume technology will cease to change.
> So, technology will still adapt to biology much faster than vice versa. As
> evolution finds a way to make us more unhappy, we will already have found a
> way to reverse this change for a looong time.

I am generally in agreement with what you have said.  I post the following
links to help others see what life could be like for humans after a
technological singularity:

I've posted this link  before, and it is a long read, but I think it is a
great piece which shows what technology ultimately can accomplish:

Also, this is a good introduction to the benefits of mind uploading:


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