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Related to the Progress and Happiness thread:


But I am not sure there will be a point where everything worth knowing will be known. In the terrestrial realm (the left hypostases, the one without the "*", like G) we will forever scratch the surface. And the right hypostases, like G*, are a sort of promise of an inexhaustible collection of bigger and
bigger surprises, in the terrestrial realm and perhaps beyond).

On the contrary, the more we will know, the more we will be aware of the

I guess the key phrase is "worth knowing".  Worth?

I think that he is referring to a particular kind of
knowledge...knowledge that gives you some advantage over your
competitors or over your environment.

It always does. Knowledge is always an advantage, even if it can seem heavy sometimes.

And he doesn't say that we will know everything...just that "truly new
and important discoveries will be quite rare."

I think it will be always about the same, except that it oscillates between excess of non unifiable propositions up to the next shift of perspectives, then later, new things does not fit and we are back at too many non unifiable propositions, again up to the next shift. Basically, because, theories are like particles, they can collide and get fertile products, which can rip in different dimensions. Once we think, we really don't know what we are doing. Important discoveries hide other important discoveries.

But, again there's another ambiguous phrase:  "important discoveries".
Important?  To whom, in what sense?

Perhaps in the sense of making steps toward stable paradise, or something. To get sort of satisfaction of the whole, in the as lucid as possible measure of the possible, determined locally by the last unification of the believed propositions.

Again, I think that he is referring to a particular kind of
discovery...discoveries that gives you some advantage over your
competitors or over your environment.

Ultimately he's asserting that humanity will never escape the
competitive evolutionary framework.  Our current golden age is just a
temporary reprieve.

See my other post. I can agree and disagree. Evolution has led to brain wired self-moving entities with the ability to dream and export their dreams. Evolution makes jumps, and the 'progress' make jumps.

I am not sure in which sense you consider our current age as a golden one. Humans are the good candidate for doing the next jump, but they still feel superior and that might be a serious handicap, imo.

Though, "evolution" takes on a different color in unchanging
plenitudinous Platonia.

Absolutely so, even just in the tiny universal part (sigma_1 platonia). You can put all the rest in the "artificial mind tools" invented by the numbers to figure out "what happen?". Arithmetical truth is inexhaustible and tools needs quickly even more tools.



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