Jason Resch-2 wrote:
> I've posted this link  before, and it is a long read, but I think it is a
> great piece which shows what technology ultimately can accomplish:
> http://frombob.to/you/aconvers.html

I like the story.

In my opinion it potrays advanced beings too much like human beings with
more possibilities. But this is hard or impossible to avoid, as we can
potray no concrete scenario that is totally unlike everything we know,
anymore than worms can imagine human experience, obviously.

I don't believe advanced beings will play around more or less aimlessly.
They will have a very clear idea of what they want and how to achieve it.
Why would you play roleplaying games that virtually set you back into the
past for some time, if you can constantly creatively self-improve in a way
that your very next experience will be mindblowingly different and better
and more insightful than your current one?

Jason Resch-2 wrote:
> Also, this is a good introduction to the benefits of mind uploading:
> http://marshallbrain.com/discard1.htm

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