On 7/4/2011 12:38 PM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
The mathematical science is certainly not causally inert. Without math, no chips, no internet, no man on the moon, etc.

But the form of argument, "Without X we wouldn't have Y, therefore X caused Y." is invalid. Consider, without space we wouldn't have gone to the Moon, therefore space caused us to go to the Moon. If you stretch causes to include everything that must have been the case for Y to happen then you end up with a meaningless plethora of causes: The universe caused Y.

And from inside the computationalist mindscape, the dynamics emerge as internal (arithmetical) indexicals. But this is the fate of any TOE, or better ROE (realm of everything, the theories themselves only scratches the surface).

Yet it's existence is debatable and it's certainly interesting to discuss. And in any case, the elan vital was endlessly debate for centuries and was eventually discarded as nonexistent.

Like mechanism justifies that the "material force" will be discarded as non existent, but explainable in term of number theoretical relations (coherent number's beliefs).

Forces are explainable by many things. I'll be more impressed when you predict one.


Here the numbers are "Gödel number" of machine with respect to some set of universal machines. I don't know if this is true, but I am pretty sure it follows from the indexical assumption "My 3-I (body) is Turing emulable at a level sustaining my consciousness".


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