On 7/10/2011 6:52 PM, Craig Weinberg wrote:
I do think that we can say, with the same certainty that we cannot
create a square circle, that it would not be possible at any level of
complexity. It's not that they can't create novelty or surprise, it's
that they can't feel or care about their own survival. I'm saying that
the potential for awareness must be built in to matter at the lowest
level or not at all.

At the lowest level ping pong balls and brains are mde of the same stuff (quarks, electrons, photons,....). So the potential for awareness is built in to quarks, electrons, photons, etc. Your position seems incoherent. You're saying brains are made of special stuff that can be conscious. But on the other hand you say that if any stuff is special all stuff must be special (which kind of robs "special" of its usual meaning). But then you say that even if all stuff is special you can't make a conscious brain out of just any stuff, you have to make it out of special stuff. ???


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