On Jul 11, 7:13 pm, Jason Resch <jasonre...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Craig,
> Do you believe there is something physically special about red green and
> blue compared to other wavelengths of light?  Do you think other animals
> that see colors can only see combinations of red, green and blue, regardless
> of the number of types of color receptive cells are in their retina?
> Jason

No, electromagnetic wavelengths do not define colors. Wavelengths just
correspond to cellular sensitivities of cells in the retina, but not
necessarily the brain. The visual cortex is not displaying an
illuminated image inside of the brain's tissue.

I don't know what other animals see. What about insects or plants?
Chlorophyll responds to visible light...perhaps color reception is the
subjective purpose of chloroplasts.

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