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> > > On Jul 11, 4:51 pm, Jason Resch <jasonre...@gmail.com> wrote:
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> > > > > automatic consequences which
> > > > > arise unbidden from "from relations that are defined by
> > > > > computations".
> >
> > > > Yes, as you say below, it is a result of processing
> >
> > > Although no one knows how
> >
> > It is easy to imagine a simple process which is aware of a single bit of
> > information.  Let's say it is some program which is connected to a photo
> > sensor, thus it can tell if the room is dark or light, and when the
> process
> > is queried for this status it can report whether the room is light or
> dark.
> > Though it concerns only a single bit, is this not an example of
> awareness?
> > Perhaps human consciousness is fundamentally no different, it is just
> > awareness of a vastly greater amount of information (more bits).
> >
> > Jason
> Qualia are something more specific than awareness.
> You can't get colour by summing lots of monochrome,no matter how
> complex
There are other ways of combining information besides addition.  Colors are
multidimensional representations, they cannot be represented as a single
magnitude.  So I agree, being aware of the sum of the values of a bunch of
monochrome pixels will not yield trichromatic vision, yet the awareness of
three different values perhaps can.  Our brains are obviously doing it with
the colorless nerve impulses (information) that comes in from the optic
nerve.  I think most people lack appreciation for just how complex the brain
is, and conclude this or that is impossible for any process (no matter how
complex) to do.  The brain has 10^15 connections, each of which can change
its state up to 10^3 times per second.  Most people have trouble imagining
10^6, never mind 10^15.


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